Emsculpt for Men: Six-Pack Abs By Way of Body Contouring

emsculpt for men northern virginia

Emsculpt in Northern Virginia offers a dual mechanism of action that targets muscle and fat and can bring you closer to showing off that elusive 6-pack.

For some guys, getting washboard abs is as simple as going to the gym regularly and eating a clean diet. However, most men struggle to achieve the desired level of definition in their abdomen or to eliminate the fat that conceals underlying muscles.

So, should you try Emsculpt in Northern Virginia?

Continue reading to learn all about getting abs by way of body contouring.

What Is Emsculpt for Men Northern Virginia?

Emsculpt for men is an FDA-cleared treatment that simultaneously burns fat and builds muscle in the abdomen.

It’s a body contouring game-changer because no other non-invasive technology is able to firm, tone, and strengthen the way that Emsculpt can.

Consequently, many men are turning to Emsculpt in Northern Virginia to get defined abs or lose that stubborn layer of belly fat.

How Can Emsculpt Produce Abs By Way of Body Contouring?

Using high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy, Emsculpt for men facilitates a series of extremely powerful muscle contractions, which are the equivalent of 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes.

In doing so, Emsculpt forces muscles to undergo intense remodeling, producing up to a 16% increase in muscle mass.

Additionally, these supramaximal contractions cause the release epinephrine, which breaks down subcutaneous fat. Consequently, patients can experience up to a 19% fat reduction and 1.5 inch decrease in their waistline.

Is Emsculpt a Replacement for the Gym? 

Emsculpt is ideal for men that want to enhance their already athletic physique or those that are seeking a way to jumpstart their fitness regimen and quest for abs.

That being said, Emsculpt is an excellent complement to the gym, and physical training can help maintain treatment benefits.

How Long Do Emsculpt Results Last?

Guys that achieve abs by way of body contouring can expect to enjoy a leaner and more defined midsection for 4-6 months, following a series of 4 Emsculpt sessions.

Longevity of Emsculpt effects can be improved through ongoing exercise and a healthy diet.

If you are considering Emsculpt for men Northern Virginia, please contact us today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with our highly skilled and talented providers, Dr. Nicole Hayre.