How Many Dermal Fillers Do I Need?

how many dermal fillers do i need

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your face, dermal fillers are a great option, but it probably leaves you with a lot of questions. One of the questions we hear most often is, “How many dermal fillers do I need?” The first step to answering that question is taking a look at the area you’re looking to upgrade.  

How Many Dermal Fillers Do I Need for the Upper Face for Youthful, More Radiant Skin?

The upper face consists of the forehead and scowl lines. Typically, hyaluronic acid, or HA fillers, are used for this area. For this pesky area 1cc to 3ccs of filler is usually needed.

What About Filler to Help Improve the Signs of Aging Mid-Face?

Depending on your specific case, your injector may use HA filler or CaHA filler. The most popular CaHA filler is called Radiesse. Both of these fillers help to address the temples, baggy eyes, and cheeks. For your temples and baggy under eyes, most will need about .5 to 1cc per side while your cheeks will likely need 1cc to 3ccs per side.

How Many Dermal Fillers Do I Need for the Lower Face?

The lower part of your face includes the area between the nose and the corner of your mouth, your lips, and the area from the corner of your mouth down to your chin. Addressing these areas may need anywhere from .5cc to 3ccs.

How Much Will it Cost to Achieve a More Youthful Appearance?

For HA fillers, each syringe is 1cc and the average cost per syringe is $650. Radiesse, however, has 1.5cc syringes, which run around $750. That said, other factors play into the cost of fillers, including geographic location and the injector’s expertise.

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