How Long Do RHA Filler Results Last?

long-lasting RHA filler results

The innovative new RHA dermal fillers, which give the most natural results of any type of cosmetic injectable available on the market today, are the perfect solution for people who want to look younger longer. Not only does RHA, or resilient hyaluronic acid, allow your face to move with your expressions without creating new lines, but they outlast traditional hyaluronic acid fillers. So, exactly how long do RHA filler results last?

You Can Expect Your Remarkable RHA Filler Results to Last Up to Twice as Long as Other Fillers (or Longer)

That’s right! The exciting thing about RHA fillers is that they can last up to 22 months before your results wear off, with a minimum duration of at least nine months. The length of time you can go in between cosmetic injections really depends.

There Are Multiple Factors That Affect the Length of Your Results

Some of those are beyond your control, such as your age. Unfortunately, scientists haven’t yet figured out how we can reverse the clock yet. The location(s) you choose for injections also play a role in how long you can expect your results to last. Filler in the cheeks may last longer than in other areas.

Lifestyle factors can affect the longevity of your RHA dermal fillers too, so be sure to hydrate (drink water AND moisturize your skin), wear sunscreen, and reduce your stress. Yes, even stress can affect your results!

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