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Revance Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that specializes in neuromodulator innovations. However, earlier this year they announced a U.S. distribution agreement with Swiss hyaluronic acid (HA)-based dermal filler manufacturing company, TEOXANE SA. This could position Revance as a leader in the U.S. facial injectable market, providing not only a new dermal filler in McLean, but a new botox, as well.


This agreement gives Revance immediate and exclusive access to the company’s range of Resilient HA (RHA) fillers in the U.S. TEOXANE gains 2.5 million shares of Revance common stock in return. TEOXANE has FDA approved RHA 2, RHA 3, and RHA 4 products that include lidocaine. The agreement also includes a fourth product. RHA 1, which is still in clinical trials, is anticipated to gain FDA approval shortly.

Resilient RHA: New Dermal Filler in McLean

According to TEOXANE, the patented RHA crosslinking method preserves the HA network for correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles. It also folds and optimizes strength, stretch and tissue integration. “We are eager to introduce U.S. physicians and consumers to our exciting, highly differentiated RHA range of dermal fillers,” says Valerie Taupin, founder, and chief executive officer of TEOXANE.


Revance Therapeutics believes that adding the RHA line of products to its own neuromodulator will position them as a leader in the $2 billion U.S. facial injectable market. Revance’s neuromodulator, DaxibotulinumtoxinA (DAXI) combines “proprietary stabilizing peptide excipient with a highly purified botulinum toxin without human or animal-based components.” It is set to rival Botox when it hits the market.


DAXI has made it through Phase 3 trials and is awaiting U.S. regulatory approval, which is expected in 2020. It has been tested for the treatment of glabellar lines but the company is also evaluating its use in forehead lines and crow’s feet as well as the therapeutic use in cervical dystonia, adult upper limb spasticity, and plantar fasciitis. There are also plans to study DAXI for migraine use.

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The Future of Revance

Mark Foley, the president and CEO of Revance says “This is a transformational deal for Revance, giving us access to the fast-growing, billion-dollar U.S. dermal filler market, with a line of highly differentiated fillers that are complementary to our first and only, long-lasting neuromodulator. This deal provides commercial synergies, organizational leverage and fast-tracks the build-out of our sales organization. It also creates a broad foundation from which to launch DAXI upon anticipated approval later this year.”

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