How to Make Lip Filler Last Longer

how to make lip filler last longer

With influencers and actresses promoting it ad nauseum, lip fillers are becoming increasingly popular. However, many people are concerned about how to make results from lip filler last longer. It’s one of the most common questions our expert injector gets on a weekly basis.

So, in this post, we decided to answer the question with a few tips.

Let’s dive in!

How Long Do Fillers Last?

Before giving away the tips, let’s understand how long fillers can last. This will give a realistic expectation of how long they can last. 

Your body gradually destroys the filler’s hyaluronic acid, and the effects subside.

Usually, the result of a lip filler lasts between six to twelve months.

5 Tips to Make Lip Filler Last Longer

Here are five tips to help you make your lip filler last longer and prevent your body from absorbing the injectable too quickly.

#1. Wear Sunscreen

Our experts recommend wearing SPF every day and limiting sun exposure. Too much UV rays can cause fillers to break faster, and your body will absorb them sooner. 

#2. Manage Stress

Your body releases the hormone cortisol when you’re stressed. This hormone can break down fillers sooner.

Try meditation and yoga to manage your stress levels. 

#3. Eat Healthily

Junk food or too much sugar can cause inflammation in your body. Inflammation can break down filler more quickly. 

Instead, include fruits and vegetables in your diet along with sources of healthy fats such as nuts and fish to help your lip filler last longer.

#4. Consider Your Exercise Regimen to Help Lip Filler Last Longer

There are multiple physical and mental health benefits of staying active. However, higher metabolism removes the filler quickly out of your system. 

Of course, our experts don’t want you to stop your exercise. You may need a follow-up treatment every three to six months to maintain your results. 

#5. Get Follow-Up Sessions

If you go 12 to 18 months without a follow-up, your lips might return to normal. Our experts recommend scheduling a follow-up session between six to twelve months based on your cosmetic goals. 

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