Top Non-Surgical Facelift McLean – NovaThreads

Non-surgical facelift in McLean offers patients a solution to loose, sagging skin on the face and neck. NovaThreads, one of the top non-surgical facelifts in McLean, are a great option for many people. Take years off your face with no surgery! Here’s how it works.

What are NovaThreads?

NovaThreads facelift is a non-surgical treatment that improves loose and sagging skin. These threads are absorbable surgical sutures made of polydioxanone. They have been used in the medical community for decades. NovaThreads are safe and effective.

How Non-Surgical Facelift in McLean Works

Top Non-Surgical Facelift McLean

Novathreads work to create a support structure for tissues and keep them in the correct position. This gives you a beautiful, healthy “V-Shape” face. As we age, our skin loses collagen and elastin, causing it to sag.

While Botox and Fillers can work well for many patients, the neck and jawline can be a tricky area to treat. However, Novathreads are especially effectively here. Furthermore, as the skin heals around the Novathreads, it naturally creates more collagen.

The Procedure

During your non-surgical facelift in McLean, the provider uses a preloaded needle to insert the thread. Then, she removes the needle, leaving the thread beneath the skin. The suture helps pull your skin into the correct position and hold it there. This is a great treatment for the eyebrows and neck area.

Additionally, the threads may be inserted in deep folds or wrinkles to stimulate collagen and treat volume loss. Your skin will begin repairing itself around the suture and creating new collagen almost immediately. Then, over the next several months, your skin absorbs the threads.

Results of the Non-Surgical Facelift in McLean

NovaThreads offer instant results. However, there are also long-term benefits to the non-surgical facelift procedure. These PDO threads are absorbed by the body and during this process, the body creates new collagen. This leaves you with firmer, healthier skin. NovaThreads are a great treatment for anyone looking to tighten and firm loose sagging skin. Moreover, they pair extremely well with Botox and Fillers to give you a complete, comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

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