Top Online Medical Grade Skincare

Are you ready to switch to one of the top online medical grade skincare lines? Medical grade skincare products, also called cosmeceuticals, contain clinically proven active ingredients to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Here’s what you need to know.

What are Online Medical Grade Skincare Products

These skincare products are similar to normal skincare products. However, they contain higher concentrations of active ingredients that are clinically proven to have a positive effect on skin. These are the same products sold in our office, but with the convenience of online ordering and delivery to your home. Often, they are classified as a blend between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals because they provider both medical and aesthetic benefits.

Medical Grade vs. OTC Products

Online medical grade skincare products differ from what you can buy over the counter. They contain ingredients that are capable of penetrating deeper than the first layer of skin. On the other hand, OTC products do not affect the skin in biological ways and can’t penetrate past the upper layers of skin.

Active Ingredients

Another thing that sets online medical grade skincare products apart is their use of active ingredients that are normally only found in prescription products. Cosmeceuticals contain these medical grade ingredients. This can include retinol, antioxidants, peptides and more.

Better Value

Top Online Medical Grade Skincare

Since medical grade skincare products penetrate the skin more efficiently, the products achieve better results. Thus, products are overall a better value. While they come with a higher price tag initially, you get better results and need less of the product due to the higher levels of penetration.

Tailored to You

Another great benefit is that, since your products are recommended by a dermatologist, you get a regimen that is unique to your specific needs. Our providers understand the product line and know which ones will work best with your skin types and concerns. This adds even more value since you get the correct product the first time, rather than trying several brands in hopes of finding something you like.

Top Online Medical Grade Skincare

If you would like to learn more about your options for online medical grade skincare products, please contact the Cosmetic Dermatology Center today. Or you can order online here.