Miracle Drug? The Many Uses of Botox in Northern Virginia

Botox Northern Virginia

Botox does everything. It’s a flexible cosmetic treatment. It can reduce wrinkles, obviously — pretty much everywhere on your face. Between the brows? Around the smile lines? You got it.

Want to take it off the face? Sure, apply some Botox to reduce the wrinkles on your hands. While you’re at it, see if Scrotox might be right for you — yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

And even if we’re not talking specifically wrinkles, it can help frame the face in a number of other ways.

Want to make your lips look bigger? Judicious use of Botulinum toxin around the mouth can help emphasize your lips.

But Botox isn’t just for cosmetic treatments. There are very real and useful non-cosmetic uses — some you might be very surprised to hear about.

What Else Can Botox Do?

Here’s a couple of miracle uses for Botox: defeating chronic migraines and hyperhidrosis. Both of these can be debilitating in their own ways. Chronic migraines — to the tune of a head splitting migraine nearly every day — can very easily stop someone in their day to day life.

Meanwhile, excessive underarm sweating, can be hard in its own ways. It can be hugely socially embarrassing, and take down someone’s self-esteem.

But because of it’s flexible properties as a neuromodulator, both of these can be helped with a huge success. Many patients who used Botox for migraines found a reduction not just in severity but in reduction of migraines. Hyperhidrosis patients reduced sweating up to 87%.

A similar line of reasoning follows for an overactive bladder, where the neuromodulation effects were able to take women from five uses of the restroom a day to three uses a day.

You might have even read about Botox being used to help depression, the idea being that it might help moderate the amount of ‘sad signals’ sent to the brain by reducing the contraction of muscles that send this feedback to the brain.

Wow, Can Botox Do Anything Else?

The crazy thing is that that these are just a handful of Botox’s most prominent uses. From cross-eyes and cleft chins to premature ejaculation, severely cold hands and TMJ, Botox is constantly finding new uses.

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