Vaginal Lasering: The Treatment the Kardashians Are Obsessed With


Khloe Kardashian

If the Kardashians are known for just one thing (there are many things the Kardashians are known for, however) it might be their incredible honesty.

According to Khloe Kardashian, her sisters are obsessed with a new cosmetic treatment. Apparently when they hang out and relax, they can’t seem to stop talking about vaginal lasering.

No, It’s Not a Labiaplasty

Or a vaginoplasty for that matter. Patients should know the difference. Unfortunately, cosmetic treatment options for women and their genitalia are not broadcasted as well as other treatments. Therefore, they are sometimes confused with each other. Potentially interested patients may not know the differences between these three procedures.

Most relevant to women, vaginal lasering is a much less invasive procedure than the other two. The other two rejuvenation procedures involve surgery. Vaginal lasering treatments, like Femilift, do not.

Women might find the procedure surprisingly simple. The doctor inserts a laser handpiece into the vagina. The laser then sends energy at a precise wavelength and pulse in order to stimulate collagen production.

This process of collagen synthesis renews the look of the vagina, tightening the tissue around the labia. Often, this improves sensation during sexual intercourse, and facilitates a woman’s ability to self-lubricate.

All considered, this makes Femilift and other vaginal lasering treatments much more natural methods of vaginal rejuvenation.

Is Vaginal Lasering Worth It?

Femilift costs about $3,000. This makes Femilift relatively more expensive than general cosmetic treatments, but also much cheaper than its counterparts. A vaginoplasty can go up to $11,000. And a labiaplasty can go up to $8,000. Both these procedures also have significantly longer recovery time.

Vaginal lasering is a 30 minute procedure with no recovery time. As you can imagine, this makes the procedure quite popular. In fact, on realself, Femilift has a 100% approval rating from over 53 reviews- which would make it, essentially, the Citizen Kane of vaginal cosmetic treatment.

Vaginal Lasering and My Personal Autonomy

Everyone’s body is a very personal thing. In particular women’s genitalia have traditionally and unfairly caused cultural squeamishness. Because of this, many women must determine exactly what self-love means to them.

It may mean opting for a natural look, or deciding that they want the ultimate decision over how their body looks. If you feel that vaginal lasering is a procedure that you might want to undergo, please consult with a specialist first.

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