Vaginal Makeover: Why You Should Try FemiLift

Vaginal Makeover

If you haven’t heard of FemiLift, you may want to give this article a read.

It’s a new noninvasive procedure that can not only address women’s aesthetic concerns in their genital region, but actually restore functioning to the vagina.

Is FemiLift a fad?

Though it’s become increasingly popular, it wouldn’t be right to call it a fad.

Indeed, it’s easy to look at terms like “vaginal lasering” and write off the procedure, putting it in the same basket as procedures like Scrotox that seem capricious in nature.

The procedure’s drawn some attention–and some ire–due to its association with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, but it’s a procedure that can have genuine benefits for a woman’s health.

Not that there’s anything wrong with getting the procedure for purely cosmetic reasons.

How it works

FemiLift uses processes very similar to skin rejuvenation techniques that would be used on the face. Essentially, FemiLift is a laser treatment.

The FemiLift implement sends laser pulses that encourage collagen production in the genital reason. The result is a tightening of the vagina.

For many, this can be pursued for cosmetic reasons. Especially after childbirth, many women feel that they have excess labial skin that they personally feel uncomfortable with.

But for others, there can be very functional reasons to get FemiLift. FemiLift can improve pleasure during sex that’s been lost after childbirth. Or it can actually restore functioning by improving incontinence.

Whether a woman goes for a treatment like FemiLift is her own choice, and she deserves full autonomy over her body. It’s an important decision to make, and one that perhaps deserves a frank discussion with their doctor or a specialist.

Interested in your own sexual health and want to know more? It’s important to know if FemiLift, or any other similar procedure, is right for you.

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