Can I Use Botox and Fillers Around My Mouth?

botox and fillers mclean

Fine lines, be gone! Wrinkles, be gone! Botox and fillers are here to take over and kick you to the curb! Both of these cosmetic injectable solutions that combat the aging process can be used around the face to help erase the signs of growing older.

If you’re asking, “Can I use Botox and fillers around my mouth,” you’ll be glad to know that we have an answer.

So, What’s the Scoop – Can I Use Botox and Fillers Around My Mouth?

Absolutely! Both Botox and fillers such as Juvéderm or Radiesse can be injected around the mouth and even the lips for sensational results. Many times, the two different types of injectables can be used together to maximize your results and allow you to go longer in between maintenance appointments.

In fact, many people choose to go for a liquid facelift, combining the two in other areas for remarkable facial rejuvenation results without having to undergo plastic surgery.

“Botox and fillers are commonly used around the mouth.  It is a great way to fill or soften lines that may have shown up over the years.  This area does bruise easily, so follow anti-bruising instructions prior to your procedure.” – Dr. Nicole Hayre

Is It Better to Use One or The Other Around the Mouth?

The answer is really dependent on you and your aesthetic goals. A consultation with a cosmetic injection specialist is the only way to determine what will work best for the lines and wrinkles you currently have and to prevent further ones from showing up. 

Where Do I Go for the Best Natural-Looking Results From Botox and Fillers?

The secret to successful injections is to not look like you’ve had cosmetic injections. So, choosing the right injection specialist is key! You can find the best here at Cosmetic Dermatology Center, Dr. Nicole Hayre. Call us today at 703-827-8600 for a consultation, and let Dr. Hayre customize the perfect rejuvenation treatment for you now that you know the answer to your question, “Can I use Botox and fillers around my mouth?”