Want Proven Lip Filler Results? (Our Expert Injector in Great Falls Has 4 Tips)

expert injector for great lip filler results

Whether you’re a newbie to dermal fillers or a seasoned pro, there are some tips and tricks for ensuring you get the best lip filler results. Our expert injector in Great Falls, VA, wants to help you love your lips, with these handy-dandy tips!

4 Tips From Our Expert Injector on How to Get Great Lip Filler Results

Not all injectors are created equal. Before finding an expert injector in Great Falls, VA, that you feel comfortable with, follow these four tips below to get you started.

Choose a Board-Certified Injector

This is a must, no exceptions. Your expert injector in Great Falls should be board-certified, as well as experienced with lip fillers. This ensures beautiful, and more importantly, safe results. Don’t sacrifice quality for convenience or cost.

It’s More Than Having Big Lips

While it’s definitely a perk, lip filler can be used for more than volume. If you’re displeased with the shape of your lips or find that there’s unflattering asymmetry, consider getting lip filler to correct the flaws that weigh you down.

Proper Aftercare Is a Must

While your expert injector in Great Falls can craft beautiful pout, it’s now on you to maintain these lip filler results and take proper care of your lips post-injection.

Follow aftercare instructions in your daily routine right after injections by icing your lips, using an arnica treatment, staying hydrated, avoiding intense exercise, staying away from alcohol before and after treatment, and overall taking care of yourself.

Understanding Your Goals

There are a multitude of products on the market approved for use in the lips, so it’s important that you understand your goals. You and your injector will then select the product, such as Juvéderm Ultra XC or Restylane Kysse, to achieve said goals. Remember: this is a customizable procedure.

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