Advantages of a NovaThreads Facelift Over a Surgical One

NovaThreads Facelift Northern Virginia

Over time, our skin naturally loses collagen and elastin and becomes thinner and weaker. This can result in deflated and sagging cheeks and the formation of jowls that make individuals look tired and older.

Fortunately, patients no longer have to undergo an invasive surgical procedure to address mild skin laxity and prevent it from worsening.

That’s because a thread lift with NovaThreads is a safe and effective way to lift and tighten skin without general anesthesia, risks, and a lengthy recovery.

So, is a thread lift with NovaThreads in Northern Virginia right for you?

Keep reading to learn all of the advantages of a thread lift over a surgical faceliftfacelift and what you can expect should type decide to undergo this non-surgical procedure.

What is a Thread Lift With NovaThreads?

A Thread Lift with NovaThreads is a non-invasive facial rejuvenation procedure. It addresses sagging cheeks, jowls, and a disappearing jawline by strategically placing NovaThreads under the skin to elevate the mid- and lowerface.

Unlike its 90’s predecessors, a thread lift with Nova Threads uses PDO biocompatible sutures that are available in a barbed and smooth variety.

They effectively gather and lift loose skin and provide progressive rejuvenation of facial tissues. After 4-6 months, NovaThreads dissolve and results last a year or longer.

How Does It Work?

A thread lift with NovaThreads not only offers immediate lifting of the skin, but also initiates a wound healing effect. In turn, new collagen and elastin are stimulated to restore lost volume, strength, and hydration to skin.

Infusing additional collagen while there is only mild skin laxity is extremely important because it thickens skin and prevents sagging from worsening.

What Are the Advantages of a Thread Lift Over a Facelift?

There are several key advantages of a thread lift with NovaThreads over a surgical facelift.

Minimal recovery

With a traditional facelift, patients are heavily sedated and must secure a ride after their procedure and care for the next 3 days. They will also need to take up to 2 weeks off from work as they heal.

Comparatively, a thread lift is performed under local anesthesia, individuals are awake throughout treatment, and they can safely drive themselves home.

Nevertheless, patients may experience some mild swelling, redness, and soreness and wish to take the remainder of the day to rest and relax.

The next day they are free to resume all normal activities and return to work.


A thread lift is an extremely safe procedure with minimal risk of scarring, bruising, bleeding, or other complications that are possible with a surgical facelift.


Because a thread-lift is non-surgical and can be performed in an office setting in 30-45 minutes, it is more cost-effective than a facelift.

Plus, patients do not incur anesthesia, facility, and compression garment fees that are typical with a surgical procedure.

To learn more about the advantages of a thread lift with NovaThreads in Northern Virginia over a surgical facelift, please contact our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with our expert, Dr. Nicole Hayre.