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PRP for Hair

You might have heard how Platelet Rich Plasma can be used not only for skin rejuvenation treatments, but also as a great method for reversing hair loss when traditional methods don't work.

Botox for Sweating

If you've ever walked into a job interview or a date praying that the sweat under your arm pits isn't as obvious to them as it is to you, then you might be able to sympathize with a condition know as hyperhidrosis.

BTL Vanquish ME

Leader in non-invasive aesthetic treatments, BTL Aesthetics, celebrates the brand's innovation with a first-of-its-kind campaign for the professional aesthetics industry, demonstrating its unique position within the category: full body results.

To be on a reality show like The Real Housewives of Atlanta means your life and daily routine is an open book.

 Top Cosmetic Trends for 2018

It's always good to know ahead of time what's gonna be the "next big thing."